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  • Primeval
    Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed...
  • Leviathan
    The ships of the world are under attack, attacks so sudden...
  • Ancients
    Eons before the birth of the Roman Empire, there...
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Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (crunched)

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I was born and raised in Chino, California. I come from a family steeped in military history, from the Civil War through to Vietnam. I have raised three great children, Shaune, Brandon and Katie Anne. After spending many years in Loveland, Colorado, I now make my home on Long Island, New York. I was taught at an early age to love books by my father. He fell in love with reading while driving a tank across...

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The Event Group Book Series...

The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation’s most brilliant individuals in the branches...

The Event Group is comprised of the nation’s most brilliant men com/APi87r6rJYif u thought was gonna get away with his illegal activities well pic. and women in the fields of science, philosophy, and the military.

Eons before the birth of the Roman Empire, there was a civilization dedicated to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky.

The ships of the world are under attack, attacks so sudden and vicious that many ships are lost without a single distress call.

Twenty thousand years ago, when man crossed the land bridge to North America, creatures called They Who Follow made the great trek as well.

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The elements of historical literature, coupled with the challenge...

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2SF Signal (Legend)
Golemon can write action sequences with the best of them, and he lands a solid uppercut with this book.

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What really did happen in the New Mexico desert near Roswell in the summer of 1947?
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4SF Signal (Event)
Fans of UFO fiction will casino spiele find this a great read, and fans of military fiction won’t be disappointed either.

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5Book Mania
The Event Group is a dedicated collection of the nation's most brilliant men and women of science, philosophy and the military.

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6Publishers Weekly
Sure to satisfy fans of The X-Files.

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The official site for the Event Group Series novels and author, David Lynn Golemon. We are happy to announce the website has recently undergone a significant make over. We sincerely hope you like it! Feel free to comment or make suggestions on Mr. Golemon's The initiative recording of this track belongs to free justin bieber news games that called R. blog. In the meantime check back from time to time for recent news, release dates, and book reviews.



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Colonel Jack Collins

Colonel Jack Collins United States Army–Detached Service-Department 5656 2005

Colonel Jack Collins comes to the Event Group because of a debacle in Afghanistan in 2004. A carefully planned mission failed because of interference from Washington and because of the...


Captain Carl Everett

Capt. Carl C. Everett—United States Navy, detached service—Dept. 5656-2001

Carl Everett came to the Event Group from the United States Navy SEALS. He is second in command of the security department for Department 5656.


Col. Henri Farbeaux

Col. Henri Farbeaux—Ex French Director of Antiquities, and black operations soldier.

Henri Farbeaux is the thorn in the side of Department 5656. Henri is capable of murdering to get the antiquities that drive his existence.


Doctor Niles Compton

Doctor Niles Compton—Director, Department 5656—1991

Director Niles Compton came to the Event group in 1991 as a supervisor in the Computer sciences Division.


Doctor Virginia Pollack

Doctor Virginia Pollock—Asst. Director, Department 5656

Graduate of MIT and former director of engineering from the General Dynamics Corporation...


Lt. Sarah McIntire

Lt. Sarah McIntire—United States Army—detached service—Dept. 5656 2005

Sarah McIntire is the prototypical recruit to the Event group. The tops in her class, Sarah has risen from the enlisted ranks to the rank of Lieutenant.


Lt. Will Mendenhall

Lt. Will Mendenhall--United States Army—detached service—2004

Will is a dedicated security officer who has really blossomed under the direction of Colonel Collins and Captain Everett...


Lt. Jason Ryan

Lt. Jason Ryan—United States Navy—detached service—2005

Jason Ryan is the tough, brash and womanizing naval aviator introduced at the outset of EVENT....


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700 Million Years ago, the Battle for Earth Began....

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An Event Group thriller

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Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

Author, the online magazine interviews the creater of the Event series, listen to the podcast. An interview with David Lynn Goleman, author of five novels in the Events Group Series.

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Songs Event Group Files
To all of my loyal readers I know I outdate a lot of you in age, so, what I would like to suggest is that you listen to every song that you have read as included in all of the Event group stories...

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